Educators in VR is very proud to announce our participation in the 2019 Virtual Reality Day celebrations of twenty-four hours in VR on November 22-23, 2019. Events will be hosted in person around the world as well as in a variety of VR social and educational platforms. You may track all the activities and updates with the hashtag #24HoursVR or check the VR Day website for details.

Along with other amazing VR educators, experts, world builders, creators, and researchers, Educators in VR will be hosting conversation, training, and educational workshops throughout the day in AltspaceVR.

Subject to change, Educators in VR will be hosting special events in AltspaceVR beginning Friday and running through Saturday on November 22-23, 2019, depending upon your time zone:

  • World Building in VR with Unity and World Tools: Carsten Pluntke and Lorelle VanFossen. Washington, DC – 3:00am
    • Dubai, UAE – 12:00pm
    • London, UK – 8:00am
    • San Fran – Midnight
  • vLanguage Learning: Foreign Language Learning in VR:Michael McDonald of Gold Lotus.
    • Washington, DC – 4:30am
    • Dubai, UAE – 1:30pm
    • London, UK – 9:30am
    • San Fran – 1:30am
  • Students in VR: Michael Zhang of ICXR.
    • Washington, DC – 9:00am
    • Dubai, UAE – 6:00pm
    • London, UK – 2:00pm
    • San Fran – 6:00am
  • ConVRsation with Educators in VR: Lorelle VanFossen and the Educators in VR team.
    • Washington, DC – 8:30pm
    • Dubai, UAE – Sun 5:30am
    • London, UK – Sun 1:30am
    • San Fran – 5:30pm
  • Educators in VR 101 Forum: Lorelle VanFossen and the Educators in VR team.
    • Washington, DC – 9:30pm
    • Dubai, UAE – Sun 6:30am
    • London, UK – Sun 2:30am
    • San Fran – 6:30pm
  • Tips and Tricks for Teaching in VR: Lorelle VanFossen and the Educators in VR team.
    • Washington, DC – 10:30pm
    • Dubai, UAE – Sun 7:30am
    • London, UK – Sun 3:30am
    • San Fran – 7:30pm
  • Cyberbullying and Bullying in VR: Lorelle VanFossen and the Educators in VR team.
    • Washington, DC – 11:30pm
    • Dubai, UAE – Sun 8:30am
    • London, UK – Sun 4:30am
    • San Fran – 8:30pm

Other guest presenters include some of the most innovative evangelists in VR, especially education in VR:

  • Andrew Conklin
  • Anne McKinnon
  • Eve Weston
  • Jim Malcolm
  • Ken Ehrhart
  • Lara Bucarey
  • Nicolas Barone
  • Olivia Goldman-Szwajkajzer
  • Sana Farid
  • Steve Bambury
  • Syed Akbar

World VR Day, in its third-consecutive year now, is the brainchild of Bob Fine, founder of the popular VR news website  The aim of this annual celebration is to help virtual and augmented reality become more mainstream, and you’d be hard pushed to find such a rich selection of events and guest speakers all crammed into one day.  We’re sure that you’ll be so inspired by what’s on offer that by the time the Cyber Monday rolls around, you’ll want that latest headset to take your teaching or learning to the next level using this exciting technology.

Whether we meet in person or in VR during this international celebration of the power of VR, we hope to meet you.

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