As a lifelong learner, I believe education is essential to success in any field. I have prioritized continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge through formal education, professional development programs, and hands-on experience. By staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, I am able to provide innovative solutions to clients and contribute to the growth and success of their businesses. Explore my educational journey and see how it has shaped my problem-solving and strategy development approach. Click here the move to my accomplishments page.

CU Denver Logo, the campus is located in downtown Denver and the logo includes a cityscape in the background. Skills, Development and Curriculum

The University of Colorado Denver

Bachelor of Arts – Political Science

Located near the heart of downtown Denver, CU Denver brings together innovative research and accessible education in a dynamic urban environment, providing a unique and unmatched learning environment.

The University of Colorado Denver Political Science Department prepares students for informed and creative activism by providing them an opportunity to develop analytical skills.

Core Curriculum

Northwestern Kellogg School of Management Logo. Executive development programs

Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

Executive Development Program

The Kellogg Executive Development Program focuses on results: helping organizations succeed by equipping and empowering top-performing managers to realize their potential for assuming general management roles.

  • A blend of live virtual and in-person delivery
  • Rigorous & Interactive curriculum
  • In-person capstone week
  • Delivered over 3 months to suit the busy executive’s schedule
  • Modular in design; each week aligns with a core theme
  • Digital-first collaboration and group work tools
  • Managed by a dedicated Virtual Delivery Support Team
Skills, Results, and Expertise

Center for Creative Leadership Logo, large organizations require big picture thinking

Center for Creative Leadership

Leading for Organizational Impact

Leading a large organization combines big-picture thinking, with an ability to navigate diversity, relationships and competing priorities.

When leaders of departments and divisions perceive challenges and opportunities through the eyes of others, they broaden the impact of their individual expertise. 

Career Management and Accountability

Rochester Institute of Technology Logo, RIT shapes the future and improves the world.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Biomedical Communications

Rochester Institute of Technology, shapes the future and improves the world through creativity and innovation. Leveraging the power of technology, the arts, and design building an engaged, intellectually curious, and socially conscious community.

The photographic sciences program offers an immersive and flexible curriculum that prepares students for a wide variety of photographic and imaging careers through transformative education.

Expertise and Development

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