High-Value Business Acumen

I have built a career in senior executive leadership, including more than 20 years of management experience at high-profile corporations and niche technology innovators. My professional portfolio combines proven methodologies across multiple functional areas; I am an expert in creating sales & marketing assets, business development, and customer engagement strategies for Fortune 500 partners.

Xiality LLC

Marketing and Business Process Consultant

2009 – Present

Xiality Logo on Resume showing the global company marketing and brand position

I work with brands as an outside advisor to create and implement marketing strategies. My experience with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups informs detailed marketing plans, determines marketing messages, and identifies the appropriate marketing mix needed to obtain growth revenue goals.

My contribution as a visual imaging innovator is rooted in developing technology for vis-tech, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) applications, specializing in Training and Simulation.

I’ve provided the strategic vision needed to conceptualize and launch a 360 spherical imaging business targeting B2B and B2C segments. Revenue, profit, growth, brand strategy, financial measures, product development, and launch plans with full P&L accountability encompass my success. I guide operations through cost-effective execution. As part of this journey, my resume includes solutions to address inefficient business practices that could curtail corporate performance.

Humaneyes Technologies, Ltd.

Chief Marketing Officer

2016 – 2020

Humaneyes Logo on Resume showing the global company marketing and brand position

Humaneyes Technologies, Ltd. is a leading, technology company providing innovative and industry-relevant 3D VR systems. Camera and SaaS solutions are used to capture, create, live stream, and share immersive media for industrial, enterprise, and consumer applications.

Following significant successes in industry-leading companies, I was recruited by this start-up’s Board of Directors to establish and develop the North American business. Using analytics, I established the company by defining the underlying strategy from the ground up. I reported to the CEO and developed operations, sales, and growth marketing strategies. Working with the CFO I set revenue targets, and identify operational KPIs, expense, and investment budgets with full accountability.

After successfully standing up the business infrastructure in North America and consistently exceeding targets, my responsibilities and resume expanded. With the Chief Marketing Officer title, I addressed the multiple issues and areas of improvement in our global business. I led and implemented global product strategies for sales, marketing, and operations.

Ricoh Imaging

President and CMO

2012 – 2016

Ricoh Logo on Resume showing the global company marketing and brand position

Ricoh Imaging develops and sells innovative digital imaging products and services, primarily for business and consumer markets. Maintaining continuous innovation to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world of imaging solutions, Ricoh currently generates ~$22B in annual revenues.

I was recruited and hired, given my Executive Leadership experience to oversee all financial and business performance goals for the Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation and Ricoh Imaging Canada (mid-8-figure annual revenues). Leading employee learning & development of 75, including five directors, I reported to the Board of Directors in Japan. My responsibilities included all business measures, relevant budgets, business strategies, team management and Chief Marketing Operations.

I took the reins of an organization hampered by significant brand, customer service, and profit margin issues. Using organization skills, Executive-level Communication, multi-phase research, I drove the company’s turnaround efforts to achieve four years of highly transformative results. A primary element to this resume success was establishing key business improvement projects as part of the “Achieve Customer Excellence” initiative (branded internally as ACE 8 to represent eight core projects), setting a foundation for immediate and long-term objectives including customer insight and market planning.

Sony Electronics, Inc.

Director of Corporate Marketing

1997 – 2009

Sony Logo on Resume showing the global company marketing and brand position

A world-renowned electronics business unit of Sony Corporation ($77B in annual revenues), providing marketing and communication assets for Digital Cameras (Mavica, Cybershot), e-Reader, Sony Walkman, Xplod, Mylo, Vaio, and Headphone businesses. 

I was brought in to lead the development, launch, and measurement of Growth Campaigns and Business Strategies across multiple segments (billion-dollar revenues). I focused on deploying innovative, disruptive products to maintain its pioneering efforts in digital photography, music, and e-book readers. Leveraging new product launch tools on a nationwide scale, I paved the way for the year-over-year achievement of market penetration and consumer satisfaction goals — my resume includes agency relationships with Y&R, McCann, McKinney, and Bagby & Company.


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